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Alina Vincent is a Business and Technology Strategist and a creator of a popular "Profitable Online Challenges" program. Alina is passionate about helping entrepreneurs package and monetize their knowledge and expertise to create a leveraged and scalable business. Experts hire her for her strategic advise and simple step-by-step approach to creating successful online programs, engaged Facebook communities, and profitable online challenges. Finding her zone of genius by combining a strong analytical background, which includes advanced science degrees, with creative vision, Alina works at the intersection of logic and imagination, giving her clients everything from practical research-driven systems and strategies, to creative original and intuitive solutions.

7 Must-Follow Rules of Facebook Group Etiquette

2019-07-14T18:22:47-07:00By |Profitable Online Challenges|

Facebook group etiquette is a tricky subject for business owners who are using Facebook to market their services online.

How often should you promote your offers? What types of content should you post? And should you like your own Facebook posts to get the engagement going?

Check out the 7 must-follow rules of Facebook […]

6 Clever Ways to Turn Facebook Likes into Leads

2019-07-08T21:11:28-07:00By |Profitable Online Challenges|

What would happen if you could turn all of your Facebook Likes into leads?

Chances are, you’d never have to worry about where your next client is going to come from…

In fact, if you do it right, you might soon have a long waiting list of clients BEGGING to work with you!

In this article, I’m sharing 7 […]

How to Add 1000 Members to Your Facebook Group, Fast

2019-06-25T21:04:43-07:00By |Profitable Online Challenges|

If you could add 1,000 new members to your Facebook group right now, how excited would you be?

A total of 1,000 new group members could lead to fast business growth.

In this article, I’m sharing the top mistakes people make when trying to grow their Facebook group – plus, 5 ways you can do better!

Why Use Facebook […]

How to Get Coaching Clients Using Facebook Challenges – Fast

2019-06-25T20:59:41-07:00By |Profitable Online Challenges|

If you need to get more coaching clients, fast, Facebook is the place to go.

With over 2 billion active users, it is the largest social media platform out there – and one of the best places to find new coaching clients… If you know how to go about it, of course!

My […]

4 Tips for Positioning Yourself as an Expert on Facebook, Fast

2019-05-28T19:22:22-07:00By |Profitable Online Challenges|

Positioning yourself as an expert on Facebook can feel daunting – especially if you are a new business or switching the directions.

Many business owners feel like they need a long list of credentials before they can start building their authority and positioning themselves as an expert.

As someone who has worked with hundreds of business owners with […]

How to Make Your Facebook Group Successful & Profitable

2019-05-19T22:06:03-07:00By |Profitable Online Challenges|

If you want to make a successful Facebook group, you have to have a good strategy behind what you are doing.

Otherwise, you risk wasting your time and effort on managing a group that’s just not worth it in the long run.

Facebook groups can help you attract qualified prospects to your business and turn them into paying […]

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Facebook Group Members Active & Engaged

2019-07-08T19:38:49-07:00By |Profitable Online Challenges|

Wondering how to keep your Facebook group members active and engaged? You are not alone.

A Facebook group full of active, engaged members can be a great tool for attracting new clients to your business.

However, if the conversation inside the group is not flowing, you will have a hard time building enough […]

What is a Good Challenge? 3 Secrets for Making Yours Rock

2019-05-01T01:58:59-07:00By |Profitable Online Challenges|

What makes a good online challenge? Is it the challenge’s content? The delivery? The promotion?

If done right, online challenges can be a very effective way to attract qualified prospects to your business, build trust with them, and turn them into paying clients.

So what makes a good online challenge? And how can you make sure yours blows […]

How to Create a Profitable 5-Day Challenge Using Facebook

2019-06-16T19:04:03-07:00By |Profitable Online Challenges|

If you want to create a profitable challenge that attracts your ideal clients to your business, a 5-day challenge is perfect.

However, to be successful, you’re going to need to know how to structure and promote your challenge. You should also know how to turn your challenge participants into paying clients after the challenge is over.

This post […]

4 Facebook Group Posts to Increase Engagement & Get More Clients

2019-07-09T00:31:40-07:00By |Profitable Online Challenges|

Sharing the right types of posts in your Facebook group can help you increase engagement and attract more clients to your business.

You don’t need a large following to succeed on Facebook. A small but engaged Facebook group can do more for your business than a large number of “Likes” on your page with low engagement levels.

In […]