Brand Bank™: How to Discover Your Brand Message & Dominate Your Market

//Brand Bank™: How to Discover Your Brand Message & Dominate Your Market
  • Your brand message should clearly reflect your strategic marketing. Do this effectively by developing your own unique Brand Bank™

Have you ever found yourself struggling to find just the right words to talk about your ideas, your business, your brand?

Or maybe I should ask – have you ever NOT struggled with those words?

As an entrepreneur, you need a veritable mountain of words to reach your audience. From your website, to content marketing articles, social media, blogs, sales letters, newsletters, email blasts, elevator pitches, speeches, books, press releases… “not communicating” is NOT an option!

“As an entrepreneur, you need a veritable mountain of words to reach your audience.”
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So when those words come easily, when you know exactly what to say to express your message clearly and effectively – it doesn’t just save you time, it saves you a lot of stress. And, most importantly, it helps you build an authentic connection with your customers!

Wouldn’t you love to always know what to say or write? Wouldn’t it be great to know that your communications would always be consistent and effective?  Wouldn’t you enjoy dominating your market through powerful messaging that makes the sale every time?

“Wouldn’t you love to always know what to say or write?”
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As a writer, I know exactly what it takes to find the right words. Inspired by the idea that business owners should always be prepared to speak confidently about their brand, I came up with a product that functions as an evergreen “vault” of words, messaging, and even fully developed ideas, for the purpose of communicating a brand message. I called my invention a Brand Bank™, and it’s been a valuable tool for many of my clients.

Now I’d like to share with you the four steps to creating YOUR Brand Bank.

  1. Listen to yourself when you talk about your business.

Act as your own “ghostwriter” and listen and record yourself while on sales calls, at networking events, at team meetings, or any other times you are talking about your brand. Then, listen to those recordings and jot down any trends or patterns you hear. Which words, thoughts, ideas, style of communication, and tone of language seem to elicit the best response?

  1. Write it all down.

(or type it up in a word document) – what you said, patterns and trends, an overall thru line that ties together the best stuff, and your observations on which words are working, and which are not.

  1. Brainstorm.

Now, go back, point by point, topic by topic, and let your mind wander around each one. Writing a Brand Bank is SUPPOSED to be a messy process! Jot down whatever comes to mind, while continuously making the connections between what is working so you can continue to track the all important thru line that ties all your words together.

  1. Read and rewrite.

There is no RIGHT answer when it comes to what YOUR brand message is; the authentic voice of your brand that attracts your audience to you. Let the unique story of your brand emerge. From there, it’s every writer’s favorite part of the process – rewriting, editing, and fine tuning!

“There is no RIGHT answer when it comes to what YOUR brand message is.” 

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Ultimately, the biggest appeal of a solid Brand Bank™ is its ability to save you time for years to come. If you’re paying somebody to write content for you, a brand bank will save you money, too. And it might save you from having a coronary every time you need to craft a standout pitch letter! Use your Brand Bank™ as the basis for an editorial strategy that goes at least six months out, plotting ideas for social media messaging, website content, SEO keywords, blog posts, articles, product, speeches, and even entire books!



Want more information? You can download the complete Brand Bank guide for free, or follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook for more advice and ideas that will turn your brand into a powerhouse.

Christine Whitmarsh
Brand Message Professional at Christine, Ink
Christine Whitmarsh is a brand message professional; #1 Amazon bestselling coauthor of "Personal Paparazzi: Your Brand Story Told Your Way," with Alina Vincent. She is the CEO and Founder of Christine, Ink. a creative agency of writing specialists serving clients worldwide with integrated writing solutions since 2003. Born and raised in Massachusetts and an avid New England sports fan, Christine now lives in the Reno area with her husband Mike and their four-legged "kids." She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Rhode Island.
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