If you’re a coach, expert, consultant, author, speaker or entrepreneur, and you’d like to double your business in the next year, this is for you …

Discover The “Secret Weapon” That’ll Position You As THE Go-To Expert In Your Industry, Attract More Clients, And Grow Your Business On Facebook... Without Spending A Dime On Ads! 

Yes! I Want To Easily Attract Clients Online!

This is the “unfair advantage” you’ve been waiting for that’ll help you stand out from the crowd and build a community of raving fans who’ll buy from you and refer others! 

Let’s face it…  

It can be extremely hard to cut through the clutter and get the attention of your ideal target audience online.

Some experts teach you how to spend money on expensive Facebook ads in order to get traction for your business. 

Others tell you to build websites and invest in complicated software in order to be more visible.  

And still others teach you to post endless stream of content on Facebook and other social media channels and “hope and pray” clients will magically come to you.  

Not only that, but there are tons of other marketing options out there that seem really appealing.  

Plus, there seems to be a new “hot marketing hack” that crops up every month that promises to help you get booked solid with high-paying clients.  

You see... all these marketing options are a great thing, but it can make growing a sustainable business extremely overwhelming and confusing.  

This can cause a type of “analysis paralysis” where you’re afraid to take the next step toward marketing your business because you’re afraid to make a mistake.

The good news is there’s a PROVEN way that’ll help you cut through the confusion and...

Attract a steady stream of high-end clients who are already predisposed to buy from you  

Sell more of your products without being pushy or salesy (in fact - your ideal customers come to YOU!)  

Build a loyal following without expensive technologies or complicated funnels

Leverage the third most visited site in the world (Facebook) without wasting your money on expensive Facebook ads  

I’m Talking About Leveraging Facebook Groups To Grow Your Business And Make The Impact You Were Born To Make!  

I started participating in and creating Facebook groups pretty early on - before they became as popular as they are right now. 

At first, I didn’t realize the power of groups... the REAL VALUE behind creating a Facebook community...

The very first group I created was for a small mastermind I was running. 

It was cool to have our own private space to stay connected... 

It was a neat way to keep track of conversations... 

It was an easy way to add value to our mastermind...

But that was about it...  

As time went on, I started creating groups for the programs I was running, and it was a wonderful forum to answer questions, share ideas and connect with program participants. 

And yet – I still didn't see the potential Facebook groups could have on growing my business. It still didn't click.

And, to be honest, I stumbled onto THE MOST PROFITABLE WAY to use Facebook groups to grow my business fast... by accident. 

I started my open online community in 2014. It was open to anyone to join – not just limited to the people in my programs.

The reason I created it, was actually a somewhat selfish one… 

I was participating in other people’s FB groups, posting about my offers and trying to promote and position myself… 

... and there were so many restrictions... 

... so many rules about what you could post, when and where… 

... that I decided to build my own community, where I could set my own rules!!! 

And, I guess I've done something right with positioning my group and creating the engagement, because... it finally clicked!

And I kept at it... NOW on purpose!


Without using Facebook ads...

In just minutes a day...

I created an exponentially growing community of my ideal potential clients that saw me as a TRUSTED EXPERT, AUTHORITY and LEADER. 

And that meant that...  

Thousands of people were joining my group  

Thousands of people were joining my mailing list 

I went from the "best kept secret" to a known and credible expert  

I've stopped chasing clients (instead they were now reaching out to me!)

And my business went from ZERO to $1,000,000 in just 4 years!

That's how I discovered the power of having a platform, growing a following of loyal fans and establishing myself as an authority... which helps you magnetically attract the best clients and opportunities. 

And that's how "Grow Your Business With Facebook Groups" framework was born.  

But before I tell you more about it, let's look at some facts...

1.4 Billion People Use Facebook Groups, Which Gives YOU An Unparalleled Opportunity To Attract An Abundance of High-Paying Customers!


74% of high-income earners (those earning $75,000 and more) use Facebook vs. LinkedIn, which came in at a distant second at 49%.  

90 million small businesses use Facebook!

Nearly three-quarters of users can’t go a day without logging into Facebook. More than half log in several times per day.  

So, you’re not going to find a better and faster FREE way to establish yourself, grow your following and attract all the clients you’ll ever want than with Facebook Groups.  

"I Am On Track For $350K+ This Year..."  

"My Facebook group is almost at 400 and I started it just 5 months ago. Since the beginning of the year, I've signed up 35 clients into my Mastermind Program

I'm on track for $350K+ this year - and using Facebook and what you taught me, Alina, has really made the biggest difference."

~ Susan Epstein, Business Coach and Mentor, Highly Profitable Practice  

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering…

“How do I start my own Facebook group and grow it to thousands of members fast?”

“How do I create a group that's engaged and active so I'm not the only one posting?”

“What kind of content should I share to position myself as an expert that everyone wants to work with?”

“How do I monetize my Facebook group so I can see an immediate ROI from my efforts?”

“How do I promote my programs and services without sounding salesy and pushy?"  


You could figure out how to create and run a Facebook group on your own by watching other people’s groups and compiling all of the info out there on how to grow, engage and monetize your group, but that will take you months and months. I don’t want you to have to spend months and months trying to figure out how to do it on your own (and I see so many business owners get it wrong!)  

That’s why I created the Grow Your Business With Facebook Groups program... to help business owners just like you take the stage online, get their work out into the world fast and get paid for it!

You don’t need a team. You don’t need to be tech savvy. You don't need to spend hours on Facebook (I only spend minutes on my group every day).

I’ll give you everything - dozens of no-cost ways to promote your group, hundreds of ideas for group posts, the exact step-by-step process to position your group so it practically grows itself, how to position yourself as the go-to credible and trusted expert, and, of course, how to get clients from your group… any time you want.  

It’s all inside this program that I’ve created.  

If you want discover how to easily create an engaged and active Facebook community that attracts new clients, grows your email list and Facebook following, and brings in cash infusion on-demand, I have a special invitation for you…  

The Grow Your Business With Facebook Groups program is a no-fluff training designed to guide you in an easy, step-by-step process to...  

Position yourself as the trusted expert everyone wants to work with  

Attract clients from ANY group you participate in (even if they don't allow promotions)  

Create your own highly profitable Facebook community  

And much, much more...

I am even going to you give you my exact formula to make $10K+ from just one post!

Grow Your Business With Facebook Groups consists of 5 in-depth training modules complete with practical strategies, worksheets, templates and examples. 


You get lifetime access to the training modules and special bonuses below...  

MODULE 1: Get Started with FB Groups  

You will discover...  

  • The “ins and outs” of a Facebook group: what they’re for, how to use them, and what to expect. 
  • The different types of Facebook groups, and which one would work best for you. 
  • Where to find the right groups to join in order to get in front of more of the people who need you most. 
  • Ways to participate in other people's Facebook groups that ensure you’re adding to the conversation and attracting clients (without getting kicked out). 
  • And more... 

MODULE 2: Create Your Community  

You will discover...  

  • The benefits of having your own group on Facebook (some of these might surprise you!) 
  • How to position your group so your ideal prospects ASK to join.
  • Exactly how to set the rules for your group, so you avoid spammers and continuously build community. 
  • The step-by-step process of creating your own group, including three steps most people miss. 
  • And much, much more..

MODULE 3: Promote and Grow  

You will discover...  

  • Promotion strategies that work TODAY, so you continuously add new members to grow your community.
  • How to grow your membership (and your list) with qualified leads. 
  • 37 easy ways you can invite people to join your group.  
  • And much, much more...

MODULE 4: Nurture and Engage 

You will discover...  

  • Why high engagement is directly proportional to your ability to attract clients from your group.
  • Top 5 strategies for keeping engagement high week after week.
  • How to post in a way that clearly establishes your credibility and expertise, while nurturing your community.
  • Methods for continuously engaging with your group, so new leads feel welcomed and nurtured. (And yes, you’re the expert – they want to hear from you!) 
  • Moderation, administration and automation secrets and tools.
  • And much, much more..

MODULE 5: Monetize  

You will discover...  

  • Simple ways of getting your followers from Facebook to your mailing list. 
  • Proven strategies for converting new leads to paying clients. 
  • WHEN and HOW to make offers so you are seen as a leading expert with gifts to share (as opposed to a pushy salesperson!).
  • Affiliate strategies that work in groups even when you don't have your own programs to sell. 
  • Top ways to create cash infusion in just days
  • And much, much more...

Save $1,000 off regular tuition when you enroll in this program NOW, before this offer ends...  

TODAY: Just $997 or 3 easy payments of $397

Join "Grow Your Business With Facebook Groups" Program

"My Investment In This Program Already Paid Off 10x..." 

"If you love interacting with others on Facebook and want to easily get your own highly targeted clients, Alina’s Grow Your Business with Facebook Groups will get you there! BEFORE this program I spent a lot of time on Facebook and knew interacting with my ideal clients in groups was giving me exposure, but I wasn’t sure how to really USE those groups to get clients! It also took a lot of effort trying to fill my programs or find new potential clients. NOW I approach Facebook groups very strategically. I started my own group and in just a couple of months, I have over 300 highly targeted ENGAGED members! I have received requests for blog posts, guest expert and telesummit interviews just from the exposure the group is giving my expertise. And… from just one post, I got 3 VIP clients, 2 one-on-one clients, and FILLED MY GROUP PROGRAM. It's so easy knowing exactly what to do in Facebook groups.  

My investment in this program already paid off 10x – in less than 3 months! And this is just the beginning!!! Thank you, Alina.”

~ Kelly Jo Murphy, Legacy Empires  

“Minimum of $10K of My Income Came Straight From My Group...”  

“I liked Facebook groups but didn't really see the real value in them until this course. I wasn't getting any clients from Facebook groups.

In two months since creating my FB group… a minimum of $10K of my income came straight from it. I easily sold group work and 1-on-1 coaching

I'm building stronger connections with my tribe and my community is growing every day."

~ Laura Fenamore, Body Image Expert  

Here is another BIG Secret...  

The key to monetizing your Facebook group in a way that leverages your time and gives you the freedom and passive income you desire...

... is having a strong scalable offer - an online program that's proven to get results.  

Once you start your Facebook group and start growing your list, your online following and influence – you WILL be looking to create a profitable online program. I guarantee it!  

And… because I know it, and because I want to serve you in your evolution as an entrepreneur, I will make this next step easy for you.  

That's why, when you register for the "Grow Your Business with Facebook Groups," I will also gift you...  

Two Tickets to my 3-Day LIVE Event "High Profit Programs”  

Join us live to create a complete blueprint for your high profit program that is perfectly aligned with your purpose! Spend 3 focused days working on your program at a workshop-style event and getting my feedback and guidance every step of the way.  

Value: 2 x $2,000 = $4,000 

Bonus #1: Facebook Fundamentals  

2-hour training on everything you need to get very comfortable using Facebook for business, including basic navigation, posting, sharing, important settings that affect your experience, terminology (timeline, newsfeed, homepage, status updates, tagging, PM's, hashtags, etc...), differences between pages, profiles and groups, and much, much more.  

Value: $500

Bonus #2: Authority Accelerator

Discover step-by-step how to become an influential authority and in-demand trusted expert in just 5 days

Inside this powerful training, you’ll discover… 

  • The fastest ways to position you and your business as the leader, expert and authority in your field!
  • How to get your ideal clients magnetically come to YOU vs. having to constantly “chase” them 
  • Proven fast strategies to borrow authority while building your own platform
  • And much, much more...  

Value: $500  

Bonus #3: 6-Month Access To Fast Track Success Academy Mastermind  

Enjoy 6 additional months of LIVE Calls - get implementation support through group mastermind calls and through our exclusive Facebook group. This is your chance to get personalized feedback and guidance from Alina and your peers to move your business forward fast.  

Value: $1,500

Bonus #4: Facebook Marketing Plan

Discover how to create a comprehensive Facebook marketing plan that takes your ideal clients on a journey... from getting their attention... to piquing their interest... to leading them to your offer... to them saying YES!

Inside this powerful training, you’ll discover… 

  • The best strategies to make your Personal Profile, your Business Page and your Group (and even other people’s groups) work harder for you.
  • What type of content will actually make your audience want to hire you (and when and where to post it). 
  • How to create your own personalized 30-day client-attracting marketing plan that you can replicate over and over.  

Value: $1,000  

TOTAL VALUE: $9,500.00+  

Today: One payment of 997 Or 3 easy payments of 397  

Why NOW?  

Facebook groups are the future and the central focus of Facebook platform.  

Mark Zuckerberg has said time and time again that Facebook groups are "at the heart" of Facebook, and that the new mission of Facebook is to "give people the power to build community."

That’s why I feel so strongly about getting this program into your hands.  

This is your chance to skyrocket your expert status and the trajectory of your business in just a matter of days and I want to help you make the most of this opportunity.    


... This might be the only time I offer this program for 997. This entire package with bonuses is a special deal that won’t come around again. 

This Program is NOT For YOU If…  

  • You do not want or need to establish yourself as an authority in your field 
  • You hate learning new, easier ways of doing things 
  • You are looking for get-rich-quick scheme that will produce results without doing any work
  • You talk a big game, but stop when it comes to taking action and implementing
  • You already have all the clients you want 

This Program IS For YOU If…

  • You are looking to grow and monetize your online presence quickly
  • You are feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start
  • You like the idea of having fun while you are growing your business
  • You like following proven step-by-step systems that get results
  • You are an action taker and implementer
  • You like the support of a community
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and your business  

This program is ideal for anyone who is building an online business (regardless of the kind of business, stage of your business or your level of experience) 

If you’re just starting out - it’s a simple low-cost, low-tech process that does not require an existing list or an existing expert status, and works incredibly well to help you attract new clients online.

If you already have a list or an existing online following, it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to monetize your existing reach, visibility and influence.  

"She Makes Everything So Easy..."  

"Alina’s programs are gems. I’ve participated in three so far, and each one has been so well-organized, clearly focused and packed with information that I look forward to many more. 

They also include much more than advertised — additional information on tools, sources, processes and options. And you don’t need to know a thing about technology to get great value. She makes everything so easy. I’m not an intuitive user of technology, but I am inspired by her presentation and support. 

I recommend her programs to everyone!" 

~Maria Simpson, Ph.D. Executive Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Mediator  

Alina's Signature 30-day Money-Back Guarantee  

 I am so convinced you will learn how to create successful and profitable FB Group and effortlessly attract clients online that I am offering a 30-day risk free guarantee!  

All you have to do is go through the program, do all of the assignments on time and implement all of the steps. If you still don't feel that this program is right for you - I'll give you a full refund.  

Give it a try... You have nothing to lose!  

A Final Note From Alina…

If you’re really serious about getting clients online and becoming known as the authority in your area of expertise, do you really want to look back in a year saying, ”I wish I had taken a chance a year ago when I almost signed up for the Grow Your Business With Facebook Groups program… I’d be so much further along…”  

Think about it...  

You only need to get just one or two clients you wouldn’t have otherwise attracted to get your investment back in this training. 

The time is now!

If creating your own active and engaged online community and getting clients from it is what you want, I encourage you to join me inside the Grow Your Business With Facebook Groups program. We'll go through the steps together.  

Grow Your Business With Facebook Groups is a time-tested and proven method for getting in front of the 2.41 billion people who use Facebook every day.  

That’s a HUGE pool of prospects to connect with that could be your next high-value customers or clients!  

Joining and creating your own Facebook Groups is an easy and fun way to get in front of your ideal clients and get them to enthusiastically wave their hands and say “yes” to hiring you!  

It’s a totally FREE method that’ll help you get a strong foothold in your niche and stand out from other experts in your market.  

I look forward to helping you build the business of your dreams, serve all the people you want, and make as much money as you want.  

All you have to do is take the first step by investing in Grow Your Business With FB Groups by clicking the link below.  

To Your Success, 


"Alina is a Master Teacher and Business Coach Extraordinaire"  

"I’m super excited Alina! Thank you! 

Since implementing your strategies to grow my Facebook group I’ve gone from less than 200 to 1600 members! And, not only do I have a solid, repeatable way to build the community in a way that leads to enrolling clients...Facebook is “suggesting” it and so it’s growing on its own -- my ideal audience is finding me. 

The 3 things I’m most grateful for are the relief and confidence I have knowing how to create posts that make content feel totally organic and natural… all the nuances and tactics of how to be on Facebook in a streamlined, effective way without it being a huge timesuck… and that it has become a fun, fast and highly-effective anchor of my client attraction and enrollment. 

I mean WOW! Truly Thank You! 

~Michelle Kopper, The Inspired Voice Coaching  

"Alina, You Are a Marketing Scientist!"  

“Alina, you are a marketing scientist (which, I just found out is a REAL thing.)  

You've boiled down what could be an overwhelming and complicated process into an easy to follow formula.  

So, really you're more like a magic marketing scientist because... your formula-forming abilities are out of this world magical.”  

~Jenn Mayers, Copy For Coaches