Win a VIP Day with ALINA!!!

Register for the Bring-A-Friend contest to receive 10 complimentary tickets to the High Profit Programs Live event!


That’s right!  We will give you 10 complimentary tickets that you can give to your friends who are action driven entrepreneurs ready to make a difference in the world – just like you! 


As you know – with your friends by your side, you will have more fun and will get more out of the experience.  So make sure that they come! 


And as a token of appreciation for trusting us with your friends, you can win some really awesome prizes like…


Be The Winner!

  • A 1-on-1 VIP day with Alina

  • Three 1-on-1 30-min Coaching Sessions with one of the Business Success Coaches on Alina’s team

  • Lifetime access to one of Alina’s popular online programs. 

To register and be eligible to win, all you need to do now is….


Join Our Bring-A-Friend Contest


STEP 1:  Register for the contest by submitting the form below. When you sign up, you will be added to the contest and we will send you your UNIQUE TRACKING LINK in an email. 
STEP 2: Look for your copy-and-paste email that you can use to invite your friends to the HIGH PROFITS PROGRAMS Event. Make sure to use your unique tracking link in your emails. 
STEP 3: Reach out to your friends to let them know about this amazing event – send personalized emails and follow up with a personal call. Let them know why you signed up and why you wouldn’t miss this event.

Here Are The Prizes You Could Win When You Join The

“Bring-A-Friend” Contest Now!


Bring a Friend Contest

BRING 1 FRIEND: For every friend you bring, up to 3 friends, win a 1-on-1 30-min Breakthrough Session with one of Alina’s coaches.

BRING 3+ FRIENDS: When you bring 3+ friends, you’ll win three 1-on-1 30-min Breakthrough Sessions with one of Alina’s coaches AND get lifetime access to one of Alina’s online programs (you get to choose which one).

BRING THE MOST FRIENDS Win a ½ VIP day with Alina!!!

If you bring the most friends you will win a ½ VIP day with Alina where you’ll get 3 hours of focused personalized support for you and your business. You’ll also get everything above.  


Notice: These prizes are only valid when your friends attend all 3 days of the event. "No-Shows" do not count towards these prizes. To qualify for the 1/2 day VIP session with Alina you must refer a minimum of 5 friends to the event.