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Alina Vincent's JV Playground

3-Day Virtual LIVE Networking + Training Event: June 19-21, 2023
Connect With Other Coaches, Speakers, Authors, and Course Creators To Build New Relationships, Tap Into Valuable Resources, and Achieve Fast Results  
(Even if you don’t yet have a product to sell or a huge list)
Turn your expertise into a $5,000 package that your ideal clients can’t resist!
Raise your hand if you’d love to…

       ✔ Have dozens of partners promoting you and your offers
        Grow your email list to thousands of hot and ready prospects  
       ✔ Eliminate complicated and time consuming marketing strategies
       ✔ Sell more of your packages, programs and products
       ✔ Add $100K or more to your bottom line in the next 12 months 

… all without having to pay a single penny upfront.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it’s not.

This can happen for you fast thanks to the power of Joint Venture Partnerships a.k.a “JV Partnerships”.

Get In Front of People Who Want To JV with You!
JV Partnerships (or strategic alliances) are the fastest way to unlock explosive growth, skyrocket your audience, turbocharge your list, and amp up your impact.

It's a secret weapon that too many business owners overlook, dismissing it as something for the "big guys" with huge followings. 

But here's the truth: no matter where you're starting from, you can achieve incredible results through the power of JV relationships. 

If you're tired of...

  • Trying to figure out how to market your offers and get them in front of your ideal clients
  • ​Constantly hustling to find new leads and clients
  • ​Struggling to create consistent income online
  • ​Wasting time and money on paid ads
  • ​Posting in Facebook groups just to have your offers taken down
  • Staying a best-kept secret...
… then join the JV Playground event where you’ll learn how to get in front of people who WANT to collaborate with YOU!

JV Playground Event

3-Day Virtual LIVE Networking + Training: June 19-21, 2023

Space is limited. Grab your ticket now!

"I made $3,600 on the pilot alone!"
"Alina is a Master Teacher and Business Coach extraordinaire.
Her rapid success and business growth reflects her uncanny ability
to hone in and break down her rock star insights and know-hows into easily understandable -- and instantly doable -- steps.
Her system allowed me to get my first program up and running in just a few weeks -- I made $3,600 on the pilot alone!"
~ Michelle Kopper, The Inspired Voice Coaching

I Highly Recommend Attending Alina’s Events!

"I had the pleasure of attending an absolute masterpiece event hosted by Alina. From the pre-start to finish, every detail was meticulously planned and flawlessly executed! 

The energy and enthusiasm that Alina and the A-Team brought to the event was contagious and kept everyone engaged and supported throughout. Everyone felt included and valued with personalized feedback - that supported everyone! 

Alina is truly passionate about her vision and that passion translates into an unforgettable experience for us all. The entire virtual experience felt just as engaging and interactive as an in-person event. I highly recommend attending Alina’s events!"

~ Deb Milotte

Alina Vincent's Trainings are the Best of All! 

"Over the years I have had an abundance of good trainings for my roles as a coach, facilitator, and university faculty. Alina Vincent's trainings are the best of all! 

She shares lots of excellent resources, gives specific feedback, and offers many opportunities for learning. Alina is knowledgeable, talented, positive, and a GREAT coach!"

~ Suzanne Bryant

Always Clear and Easy to Follow.

"Alina is knowledgeable, generous and easy to learn from. I appreciate the manageable bites of information, presented in a logical sequence that is always clear and easy to follow

Sometimes I don't even realize how much information there is until I review it, because it makes so much sense. She has an amazing team of coaches who cover different critical pieces for a successful business."

~ Dorine Kramer

Are You Ready For Tons of Leads and Sales?
Join us for 3 days of learning, connecting, and having fun right from the comfort of your own home. By the end of this event, you’ll have developed purposeful partnerships to grow your business for years to come!

During this fun, hands-on, interactive networking event, you will…
  • Unlock the ultimate recipe for scaling your business with Joint Venture partnerships, even if you are just starting out.
  • Discover the crucial Dos and Don’ts of building strategic JV relationships to get ahead in your industry 
  • Mastermind with like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world and build lasting connections that you can leverage to expand your reach, influence, and income
  • Explore dozens of ways to collaborate with others beyond mailing for them, and make JV deals on the spot
  • Develop and practice your JV invitation with confidence, so you can reach out to your dream partners with ease
  • Master the art of finding ideal partners that align with your vision and values - catapulting your growth and success in no time
  • ​Get insider tips on how to be a great JV partner and earn big commissions, regardless of the size of your list or years in business
  • Crush your "imposter syndrome" and eliminate self-doubt once and for all, so you can confidently promote yourself and reap the rewards of JV partnerships

Can you afford to miss this opportunity!? Just ONE right connection can bring in THOUSANDS (or tens of thousands) of dollars into your business!

Regular Ticket Price: $2,000
Today - Only $199
Register now! 
Profitable and powerful connections await!

She Gave Me the Belief in Myself!

"Alina is very good at educating people. Her information is easy to comprehend. She explains it so that everyone gets it. 

She made me feel like I could walk through a wall (in a good way) after her three day event. She gave me the belief in myself!

~ Dion Tippett

Alina's Events are Full Of Useful, Practical and Action-Oriented Content

"I would encourage all my entrepreneur friends to join Alina's events as they are action packed and highly effective. She brings together a wonderful group of people.

And unlike some events I've been to, which mostly are just selling, Alina's events are full of useful, practical and action-oriented content which could push your business to another level."

~ Monna Tang

You Create Great Connections

"You receive amazing information, support and more clarity for the next steps for your business. 

Plus, you create great connections."

~ Kerstin Eilenfeld-Peters

"I just sold a $9K offer and speak of my services with CONFIDENCE!!!"

Alina Vincent's Trainings Are The Best Of All! 

"Over the years I have had an abundance of good trainings for my rolls as a coach, facilitator, and university faculty. Alina Vincent's trainings are the best of all! 

She shares lots of excellent resources, gives specific feedback, and offers many opportunities for learning. Alina is knowledgeable, talented, positive, and a GREAT coach!"

~ Suzanne Bryant

"I suddenly feel that my rates are a "no-brainer" for my ideal clients and they'd be crazy not to work with me! I speak of my services with confidence now and selling has actually become FUN (never thought I'd say this!). 

Every sales conversation becomes a natural extension of what you do. I just love Jennifer, I think she's a brilliant trainer and definitely one of the most transformational sales mentors in the coaching/consulting industry today!"

Milana Leshinsky, Business Mentor and Founder of Coaching Genie

Join JV Playground

June 19-21, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will I really figure out my package?

Answer: Both Alina and Jennifer have years of experience helping coaches turn their expertise into sellable packages. We’ll be giving you the exact step-by-step elements to turn what you do into a highly attractive $5,000 offer that your ideal clients will be excited to buy.

Question: What if I’m new to coaching, can I start with these bigger packages right away?

Answer: Whether you’re a new or experienced coach, if you want to earn more money for the great work you do, this training is a great step for you. We will help you look at your coaching through an elevated lens so that you can create a package that you’d be proud to sell for $5,000.

Question: Do I need a big email list or social following for this to work?

Answer: Nope! By creating and naming your $5K package in the way we’ll show you, it will be obvious to your potential clients what that package can do for them, and why it’s a must-have. A great package can actually GROW your reach and influence because you become known as the go-to person for that result or transformation.

Question: Will you show me how to sell it too? How do I show people the value of a larger package?

Answer: We’ll be covering the essential elements you’ll need to sell your package, and what shifts you’ll need to make so you can move from selling by the hour or for lower price to higher priced package sales. We have FABULOUS ways of helping you to become MUCH more confident in your ability to sell for higher prices!

Question: Will this training be recorded?

Answer: Yes! We’ll be offering an opportunity to purchase recordings on the next page AND it’s important that you’re there live!! We’ll be guiding you through step-by-step and answering questions during this workshop, so being live on Zoom will make a huge difference in creating your package!
Alina Vincent is a business strategist, speaker and international bestselling author of "Teach Your Expertise", "Leverage Your Expertise" and "Monetize Your Expertise" books. She’s known globally as the creator of the "Profitable Online Challenges" Formula, which helped her grow her business from zero to over a million dollars in just 4 years.

Alina is passionate about helping entrepreneurs package and monetize their knowledge and expertise to create a leveraged and scalable business. Experts hire her for strategic advice and simple step-by-step approach to creating successful online programs, engaged Facebook communities, and profitable JV partnerships.
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