Success Strategies for Speakers: Health Tips for High Performance

//Success Strategies for Speakers: Health Tips for High Performance
  • Success Strategies for Speakers: Health Tips

Successful Speaker Tips: Focus on Health (Guest Blog)

Its 10pm, you’ve just finished the first day of your event, you have two more days to go. Yay and Ugh at the same time!

How do you stay on top of your game, recover quickly so you can do it all over again tomorrow?

How do you stay on top of your game, recover quickly so you can do it all over again tomorrow?” (Click to Tweet!)

As a speaker, it can be challenging to endure. You can too easily end up adopting poor eating habits, fatigued, overweight, foggy headed and stuck in the mode of “just getting through the day.”

Speaking has many rewards which is why you signed up for this profession in the first place – encouraging others to new heights in their careers, being a direct benefit from that theme of positive reinforcement, motivating professionals to increase their bottom line, educating and training your audience to see things in a new, more positive light and so on.

Have you ever looked up “how to be a successful speaker” or “success strategies for speakers” to get some extra tips that would make you that much more successful in the speaker industry?

In my search, I found articles that unanimously shared the following vital essentials of how to be a successful speaker: strategies to get speaking gigs, how to create a speaker page and establish credibility, ways to brush up on speaking skills, etc.

All important pieces, but one puzzle piece, the most crucial, was left out; the importance of being in top notch health. When you have obtained optimal health, only then can you be a successful leader in the speaking industry for the long haul.

If you want to be a successful leader in the speaking industry for the long haul, you must be in optimal health.(Click to Tweet!)

Let’s discuss the most important success strategies for speakers – how to stay healthy with your crazy schedule!

As a nutrition specialist for speakers, my opinion is that your “health vitals” have to be in top notch shape every day.

It’s time this topic became the number one essential piece in the “speaker job description.”

Here are examples of what it means to be a healthy speaker –

You wake with abundant energy each day that lasts all day long.

  You know what you as a speaker need to eat and drink to refuel your body to have stamina and rapid recovery, event after event.

You have the energy to accomplish your goals, even after an intense event of speaking and leading your team.

Your weight is under control.

You understand that the goal of vacation is rest needed to go back and do great work in the world.

You radiate confidence, vibrancy and enjoyment on stage.

Your conversions are getting better and better, you are asked back to speak numerous times at the same organizations.

If you are not putting a check mark next to each of the items on the healthy speaker attributes list here are some tips to get you there. They begin the transformation you seek to grant you a lifetime of endless victories.

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Where do you start? With changing 1 thing…

  • 1 Thing You Can Do Today to Recover Quicker From Speaking Gigs-

On the run, grab electrolyte rich water and add some sort of Vitamin C powder to it. Electrolytes hydrate you and turn you on, literally! They wake your cells up so they communicate better giving you alertness and energy.

Vitamin C strengthens your adrenals, the glands responsible for your energy and recovery lifeline. If your adrenals are exhausted you’re exhausted.

  • 1 Simple Dietary Shift Will Change Everything from Weight to Energy-

Enter, sugar junky rehab! Sugar is linked to harmful dis-eases:

  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s
  • High cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Weight gain, for starters!

Use this simple formula wherever you are trying to control your sugar intake-

Take the number of carbohydrates on a product label that you are consuming and divide that number by four. This will give you the amount of teaspoons of sugar you are consuming in just one serving.

The World Health Organization wants women to stay under 6 tsps a day.

To put that in perspective, women currently consume more than 32 tsps per day!

1 slice of bread =4tsp of sugar!

If you have a sandwich, just the two slices of bread alone has you consuming 8 tsps of sugar!

Track your daily intake of sugar. You’ll be shocked at how much you are really consuming by using the formula above and writing down the teaspoons from each meal/snack and beverage.

  • Boost your “re-charge” hormone by 600%!

HGH, human growth hormone, is a hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland in the brain. It is essential to keep organs healthy, muscles strong and your energy up, for starters.

With a healthy supply, HGH helps you to stay youthful and vital by helping you: increase endurance, speed recovery, kick start your metabolism, produce youthful and vibrant skin, shrinks fat cells, gain the energy you used to have, and overall re-charges your body into drive!

As you age, the pituitary gland shrinks so it stops producing as much HGH. This causes your natural production of HGH to plummet. By the time you become middle age you have lost 85% of your HGH stores and continue to lose 2% every year!

The good news is that there are safe and effective ways to stimulate your body’s production of it. One way is with amino acids.

A special blend of four amino acids has the potential to spike human growth hormone (HGH) levels by more than 600%!

To boost your HGH levels naturally, try taking a combo of the following amino acids that researchers have deemed the most powerful anti-aging amino acid combination. Remember the acronym G-O-A-L when shopping for these supplements, and make sure you find the following:

Glycine keeps muscles strong and allows you to store more energy. It also promotes a good night’s sleep. Adequate sleep is crucial as it is another natural way to produce more HGH.

Ornithine helps remove toxins from the body, which can otherwise zap your energy.

Arginine keeps energy levels up by helping to regulate blood pressure so your heart doesn’t have to work as hard. This amino acid may also help decrease body fat, another energy drain.

Lysine aids in turning fatty foods into energy.

Look for a supplement that contains at least 2,000 mg of these amino acids combined.

Without a healthy steadfast recovery, you can’t fulfill your mission of inspiring others to be the best they can be! So get out there and ROCK your stage with vibrant health and confidence!

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Christine Hardy
Speaker and Mentor at Rock the Stage Now
Christine Hardy is a sought after keynote speaker, a published author, and holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. Last year she released her first book, Unlock Your Victory Code, The Key to Hope, Perseverance and Triumph. Her second book, The Inspired Life is set to be released, September, 2015.
For the past 15 years, Christine has maintained a thriving nutrition practice in the east bay where she specializes in Metabolic Typing, a century old method that discovers what foods and nutrients are right for an individual, genetically.
With her success as an award winning competitive gymnast for 15 years - can you say high performance!? Clinical nutrition expertise and mastery of the "inner game" formula with her books, Christine successfully helps you unleash your full potential and live a victorious life.
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