Your ticket to increasing your visibility, attracting a flood of new clients, and improving cash flow – fast


How great would it be to have a fun, easy – and fast – way to bring in new clients whenever you need a little cash flow boost?

To never chase after a potential client again?

To have a step-by-step, easy-to-repeat, proven process that gets results – every single time?

With the help of online challenges, it’s possible.


What is an Online Challenge?

An online challenge is a call to take part in a virtual contest or competition.

A challenge is a live mini-training where your participants go through a series of action steps for a set period of time.

By joining the challenge, participants make a commitment to master a new skill, create a new habit, complete a project, or achieve a goal.

Challenges can be created on any topic for any business.  Here are a few examples of the challenges:

  • Start a blog
  • Cut down on sugar
  • Organize your home
  • Master Instagram
  • Create online dating profile
  • Connect with spiritual guides
  • Start marketing with videos
  • Learn to meditate
  • Find your purpose


Should I Offer FREE or PAID Online Challenge?

There are 3 main types of online challenges that can help you achieve your business goals:

Type 1: Re-engaging Existing Clients

Online challenges are a great way to re-engage your existing clients in 6-month or 1-year long mastermind or re-connect with your existing subscribers in a membership program.   

Giving your existing group a challenge to complete brings new excitement and new life to the group and can serve as a great re-enrollment strategy.

It’s much more effective than sending them a series of re-engagement emails – and much more fun, for you and your clients.

These types of challenges can be of any length and they are complementary for the people who already invested in your programs.

Type 2: Challenge as a Digital Product

When you are considering longer duration for your challenge, like a 21-day challenge or a 30-day challenge, you should think of your challenge as a digital program in the format of a challenge and charge for it.

The truth is, longer challenges won’t help you get clients if you are offering them for FREE, because your participants will lose steam and become disengaged long before the challenge is over.

However, when you put a price on your 30-day challenge and market it as a paid program, your participants will have that extra level of commitment to see it to completion.

Type 3: FREE 5-Day Online Challenge

My favorite type of an online challenge is a FREE 5-day challenge.

It can serve as a powerful marketing tool that helps you get exposure and visibility, grow your online following and attract tons of leads and dream clients to your business.

Not only will a free 5-day online challenge get your prospect’s attention – it will also help you build trust with them while creating the desire to join your paid program afterwards.


How Can I Use Online Challenges to Grow My Business?

Increase Brand Awareness

By doing something fun and different (like an online challenge) to promote your business, you will automatically stand out in a crowded marketplace.

This will help you grow awareness for your business more efficiently than the same old marketing tactics everyone else is using!

Increase Authority

Challenges allow you to showcase your expertise by teaching practical and specific steps to solve “top of mind” problem your ideal clients have, which helps improve your authority in your niche.

Increase Engagement

Challenges allow you to add elements of “gamification” (rules, points, prizes, etc.) to otherwise routine or difficult tasks.

A well-designed challenge will keep your participants accountable and motivated, while increasing their engagement throughout the duration of the challenge.

Grow Your Email List

Online challenges are great for attracting new leads to your business. By asking people to opt-in in order to participate, you’ll grow your email list in no time!

Grow Your Social Media Following

Offering an online challenge is a fantastic way to re-engage with your existing online community or create a brand new community from scratch. This online group will serve as the place for your participants to connect with each other, get additional feedback and guidance from you, and report on their progress.

If you choose Facebook as your challenge platform (which I recommend), you could add hundreds of new people to your Facebook group during a single 5-day challenge.

Boost Your Sales

A properly planned online challenge can help fill your programs, drive people to your events, support book sales and overall increase your cash flow by drawing attention to your offers and services.

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Would an Online Challenge Work for My Business?

Online challenges are incredibly versatile.

They can work for almost any business in any industry.

For example, a mindfulness coach could run a 5-Day Gratitude Challenge to promote their private coaching packages.

A sales coach could use the same framework to run a challenge focused on enrollment conversations to promote their online program.

Challenges are especially popular in these niches:

Business Coaching

Online challenges are almost a no-brainer for business coaches.

They make it easy to showcase your expertise by helping people improve their business processes and practices – all while building their trust in your coaching abilities and the results you can provide.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaches can run online challenges to help potential clients build self-confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence.

They can also use challenges to help clients as achieve more concrete goals, such as improving their time and project management skills.

Health Coaching

Weight loss challenges, sleep challenges, walking challenges… The options are endless for all of you, health coaches out there!

Help potential clients achieve specific, measurable goals (such as going 5 days without sugar) and you will be well on your way to a full roster of high-paying coaching clients.

Spiritual Coaching

Many of my spiritual coaching clients have seen fantastic results with online challenges.

As a spiritual coach, an online challenge can help you create amazing “aha!” moments for your clients, which will help them understand the value of your services and your special gifts.

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Things to Consider Before Your First Online Challenge

Running a challenge is easy.

Running a SUCCESSFUL and profitable online challenge is not as easy.

To run a profitable challenge, you need to pay close attention to the details such as timing, content creation, and challenge content delivery.

There are many mistakes that can make or break the success of your challenge…

The few examples below are just some of the many considerations you have to take into account:

The Length Of The Challenge

Getting the challenge duration wrong can easily undermine your challenge success by not giving you enough time to build trust (if your challenge is too short) or making your audience lose interest (if it’s too long).

For example, a free 30-day challenge is too long for most businesses… And could actually do your business more harm than good.

So what’s an ideal challenge length? And how do you make sure your audience sticks around till the end?


What content do you need to create to attract more ideal clients to your challenge?

And how much of your special formula should you reveal in a free challenge? How do you not give away too much and get your participants interested in your paid offer?

What does “enough content” look like? And what’s the best way to go about creating it?


Do you know what’s the best way to deliver your challenge content to your audience?

Choosing the wrong delivery method can lessen the effectiveness of your challenge – and your profitability.

Should you use Facebook? Email? Your blog? A combination of all of the above? Is there a one-size-fits-all approach that will work for your business no matter what?

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Get Started Building Your Profitable Online Challenge

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