“How do I market my coaching business?” is one of the most common questions I hear from my clients and community members.

If you’ve tried many online marketing methods and found them to be too expensive or exhausting to continue, don’t despair.

In this article, I will share some of my favorite places to market your coaching business completely for free, as well as my secret for attracting dream clients to your business in under a week.

How Do I Market My Coaching Business? 4 Places to Start

1. Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a great place to find both new clients and collaborators.

I suggest joining 5-10 Facebook groups in your niche and spending at least 30 minutes a day engaging with your ideal clients there.

Answering people’s questions and offering valuable advice will help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

If you want to increase your credibility even further, consider starting your own Facebook group.

2. Podcasting

Podcasting helps you elevate your status as an expert and thought-leader in your niche.

Starting your own podcast requires a substantial commitment in terms of both money and time – especially if you are considering investing in a professional podcasting setup.

If you want to market your coaching business cheaply, consider applying to be a guest speaker on other shows.

Facebook groups are a great place to look for potential guest speaking opportunities, as newer podcasters often reach out to their peers when looking for podcast guests.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to stay connected to your audience and convert them into paying clients.

It is very important to commit to a regular email marketing schedule.

To stay on top of your audience’s mind, you should email your list at least once a week.

Share a blog post, tell a story, or offer a piece of advice in your email newsletter.

Always include a strong call-to-action – for example, remind your newsletter subscribers how they can work with you one-on-one.

You can also ask your subscribers to hit “Reply” on your emails to start a conversation.

4. Online challenges

Online challenges are my secret tool for attracting dream clients quickly.

When you run a challenge, you attract people who are already interested in solving the problems your coaching business addresses.

Think of an online challenge like a mini-program your potential clients get to try before paying for the real thing.

If participants see results, they will be lining up to work with you after the challenge is over.

How to Make Your Marketing Efforts More Successful

Help first, get paid second

Always focus on helping before selling.

Do a Facebook Live answering people’s questions, take time to respond to people in your Facebook groups, and focus on creating content that’s truly valuable to your audience.

This will help you position yourself as an expert and become your ideal client’s go-to resource in your niche.

Ask the right types of questions

Asking insightful questions can be just as valuable as answering the questions of others.

Whether you are speaking to a potential client one-on-one or engaging in a discussion inside your Facebook group, ask questions that illuminate their biggest pain points.

This reflection may lead to a huge “aha” moment for your potential client, which will help them immediately see the value of hiring you as their coach.

Use video to attract and convert clients

Video content adds a touch of credibility and authenticity to your coaching practice.

It does not have to be anything fancy – a few Instagram stories or a Facebook Live talking about your business will do.

Video content also works great for converting clients with online challenges.

All you need to run a 5-day challenge is to film 5 short video clips (5-10 minutes max) talking about the challenge topic and the action step of the day!

Network with other coaches

Other coaches in your niche could be a valuable source of referrals.

Your strengths might be their weaknesses, and a client they feel uncertain about might be your dream client.

In addition, you can build relationships with coaches in parallel or connected niches.

For example, if you are a health coach who helps young moms become healthy and fit after pregnancy, you may want to stay connected with coaches that work with women during pregnancy.

Become the kind of coach you would hire

Always practice what you preach and strive to live in line with your values.

It will help you show up more powerfully in every single interaction with your existing and potential clients alike.

Be consistent in nurturing your contacts

Checking in with your contacts once a year (or worse, when you need something) is not a good way to market your coaching business.

Try to keep in contact with other coaches and potential clients regularly.

For example, send out a newsletter at least once a month and set aside time to pop into your Facebook group at least once a day.

Spend time where your potential clients are

Where do your dream clients usually hang out?

For most coaches (even executive coaches!), the answer is “Facebook groups.”

Facebook groups are a wonderful place to engage with potential clients and show them how valuable you could be to them.

Try to dedicate at least 30 minutes every day answering your potential client’s questions in Facebook groups, or anywhere else they hang out on the web.

Need More Help?

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