Are you looking for exciting, profitable 5-day challenge ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

Online challenges are a great way to stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract more clients to your business quickly… Even if you have no email list or following to speak of.

In this article, I’m sharing 9 profitable challenge ideas from my past clients – plus, a case study to get you inspired to create your own challenge!

A 5-Day Challenge Case Study: Cornelia (Connie) Ward

Before we jump into challenge ideas, I want to show you exactly what it takes to run a profitable 5-day challenge… So you can execute yours to perfection!

Who is Connie Ward?

Cornelia (Connie) Ward is a divine business coach who helps people create a career they love.

If you’re confused about your career path and want to transition into doing work that truly lights you up, Connie is your girl!

Connie’s First Online Challenge: An Overview

Connie’s first online challenge was about helping people get more clients from Meetups.

After the challenge was over, she invited people to join her for a 1-on-1 strategy session. 

At the end of this session, she offered them her Laser Coaching package: 1 year of private, one-on-one career coaching.

Why Connie Chose to Do a Challenge

Connie was looking for a fun and easy way to get more clients for her coaching business, as well as boost the engagement in her Facebook group.

She had participated in challenges before, and really enjoyed them… So why not run her own?

All that Connie needed was a step-by-step blueprint that would help her execute her challenge – which she found inside the BSE Profitable Online Challenges Program.

The Results

Connie made an astounding $11,000 from her very first challenge.

She had 600 people join her first challenge – far more than she had anticipated!

Plus, Connie was able to sell the recordings from her challenge as evergreen content, resulting in an additional $1,800 in profit.

Before the Challenge: Expectations & Goals

Connie went into promoting her challenge without setting any major expectations.

After taking the BSE Profitable Challenges Course, she was confident she’d make her money back as a minimum.

She focused on creating great content, and a great experience for the people joining the challenge… And made $11,000 in the process! Not bad, huh?

Setting up the Challenge: Content & Technology

There were a few things Connie needed to put in place before she could run a profitable challenge.

  • Sign-up and thank you pages. Based on the recommendations in the BSE community, Connie hired someone to create a simple sign-up and thank you page for her challenge.
  • Promotional emails. Connie modeled hers after the examples provided in the BSE Profitable Challenges Course – and they worked like a charm!
  • Challenge content. Connie followed my step-by-step instructions to create great content and videos for her challenge. She also got a lot of support from the amazing BSE Facebook group.
  • Technological details. Technology can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. Instead of doing everything herself, Connie focused on creating great content. Here’s her advice to others:

“You can get help with the technology piece at a fair price if you want to just focus on the content and teaching. However, the technology needed is not too difficult and is certainly doable on your own!”

Note: Connie also won 1-on-1 coaching with me to further refine her challenge idea and content. We often run contests like that in the BSE program group – so if you’re thinking of joining us, keep an eye out for those!

Finding Challenge Participants Without Facebook Ads

Connie didn’t spend any money on Facebook ads when trying to fill her challenge.

Instead, she used a combination of email marketing and Facebook group marketing to find 600 participants for her challenge.

This means that she spent zero dollars on marketing the challenge.

There are also other free or cheap ways of filling up your challenge, like going to events or doing an online giveaway.

Plus, the BSE Facebook group members are always happy to share their tips and tricks for marketing your challenge!

Mastering the Art of Making the Right Offer

Connie knew that, in order for her challenge to be profitable, she needed to make the right offer to her challenge participants.

Connie’s first offer (at the end of the challenge) was a one-on-one strategy session to help her participants zero in on their ideal career path.

At the end of that session, she offered a full-time coaching package to her challenge participant.

More often than not, they accepted – resulting in $11,000 in revenue immediately after running her first challenge!

The Struggles of Running an Online Challenge

Connie struggled with choosing the right topic for her challenge.

The support from the BSE community was invaluable for narrowing down her challenge topics and finding one that would catch her ideal client’s eye.

She was also unsure about the amount of content she should include in her challenge.

How much value should she provide to build trust with her challenge participants? And how could she avoid giving too much away for free?

The BSE Profitable Challenges Course really helped Connie figure out the answers to these and similar questions, and execute her challenge with ease.

The Results

How much did running the challenge cost?

Money: The Profitable Online Challenges Program cost + $250 for tech support

Time: 5-10 hours per week for 6 weeks

What did Connie gain from the challenge?

  • New clients. Connie got 10 high-end clients out of her first challenge.
  • Evergreen assets. Connie can run the challenge again and again – plus, the recordings from the challenge can be sold separately to create a passive income stream.
  • Momentum. The challenge helped Connie reignite her passion for her business and break out of her old routine. Now, finding new clients is fun – and easy!

Total revenue: $11,000 from her very first challenge

9 Profitable 5-Day Challenge Ideas from Real Business Owners

If Connie’s story has inspired you to run your own challenge, check out the 9 challenge ideas from my past clients, below.

Challenge Focus: Business Growth

5-Day Challenge: Collaborate & Grow Rich

Author: Milana Leshinsky from Simplicity Circle

5-Day Challenge: Design Your 6-figure Program

Author: Jeanna Gabellini from MasterPeace Coaching

5-Day Challenge: 5 JV Partners in 5 Days

Author: Jay Fiset

5-Day Challenge: Create Your Irresistible Online Program – in 5 Simple Steps

Author: Vrinda Normand from Irresistible Marketing

5-Day Challenge: Get Off Your Butt & Go Get Clients Kickstarter!

Author: Bill Baren

5-Day Challenge: Fast Track to Expert Status

Author: Cheryl Wicker

Challenge Focus: Spiritual Coaching

5-Day Challenge: Unleash Your Inner Psychic

Author: Kerry Dontchos from Psychic Enlightenment Center

5-Day Challenge: Start Your Living Legacy

Author: Jane Duncan Rogers from Before I Go Solutions

Challenge Focus: Health Coaching

5-Day Challenge: 5 Days to Better Sleep

Author: Antonia Van Becker from Self Health

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