Facebook group etiquette is a tricky subject for business owners who are using Facebook to market their services online.

How often should you promote your offers? What types of content should you post? And should you like your own Facebook posts to get the engagement going?

Check out the 7 must-follow rules of Facebook group etiquette below!

Why Facebook Group Etiquette Matters for Your Marketing

Facebook groups can be a great place to build your “know, like, trust” factor with potential clients.

By engaging in thoughtful conversation and providing value to other group members, you can quickly establish yourself as an expert on a particular subject.

However, it is much easier to lose the “trusted expert” status than you’d think.

In fact, a single etiquette faux pas could make a potential client turn around and never engage with you again.

7 Must-Follow Rules of Facebook Group Etiquette

1. Don’t just promote yourself.

Many business owners treat their Facebook group as a purely promotional platform.

They ignore their group for weeks, maybe months, then hop in just to post a link to their new eBook…

And, when nobody clicks through, they decide that Facebook marketing does not work for them.

Here’s the truth: Facebook marketing is all about giving value and building real relationships with potential clients.

If you want to make successful offers in your group, you have to show up and engage with your group members on a regular basis.

Talk about topics that are not directly related to your programs or services, ask insightful questions, and respond to comments as often as you can.

2. Respect the self-promotion rules in other people’s groups.

Showing up only to promote your offers in your own group is bad enough…

But doing it in other people’s groups is considered a huge etiquette faux pas – and may even get you banned from the group entirely.

Be mindful of the self-promotion rules of the groups you join.

For example, they may have dedicated self-promotion threads on certain days of the week.

Don’t just copy-paste your offer into every single group you join, even if self-promotion is allowed.

Instead, always try to contribute something of value to the conversation before posting your offer.

3. Don’t post the same types of content over and over again.

Facebook users love variety.

For example, if you do a Facebook Live on the same topic every single day, your viewers will get bored and stop showing up.

Mix it up! Share quotes, questions, and links to useful resources.

If you’re feeling a little stuck, check out these Facebook post ideas for boosting engagement in your group.

4. Don’t ignore comments.

This is a mistake that will cost you the most visibility and engagement.

If you want people to engage with you, you have to engage with them as well.

For example, if you post a question to your group, always go back later in the day and respond to people who replied.

As your business, and your Facebook group, grows, you may not be able to respond to every single comment.

That’s okay – just make sure to show up and respond to some of them every single time.

5. Don’t mislead your group members.

Have you ever clicked on a link that was supposed to lead you to a helpful blog post… Only to be presented with a sales page?

That’s what Facebook calls “clickbait marketing.”

Clickbait marketing is something you should avoid at all costs.

The Facebook algorithm checks how many people click away from your page immediately after following a link.

If these numbers are too high, the algorithm will punish your post, and any future posts you make.

6. Don’t ignore your groups.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, consistency is key.

If you want to build trust with potential clients, you have to show up and provide value regularly.

This is a bit easier to do if you have your own Facebook group.

Keeping up with one group is easier than keeping up with 10, so I highly recommend creating one if you haven’t yet!

7. Don’t like your own posts.

Believe it or not, this happens!

It’s so weird to see a Facebook post where the only “like” is the owner’s.

It makes them look desperate – which is something you want to avoid when trying to build trust with potential clients.

Need More Help?

Getting the Facebook group etiquette right is tricky business… But there’s more to Facebook marketing than that.

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