Have you started using Facebook LIVE yet? Are you curious about it and would like to know how to get started?

Up until recently, Facebook LIVE was only available to celebrities and “public figures.” Now any Facebook user can stream live from their personal page or within a Facebook group. Depending on the type of page you created – you might also have this option on your fan page.

Facebook LIVE now presents a big opportunity to raise exposure for you and your business.

What is Facebook LIVE?

Facebook LIVE is a live broadcast feature that allows you to share real-live videos with your followers. You can stream directly from your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, or Android), and Facebook is talking about rolling out the desktop version soon. As with any new Facebook features, the changes are being rolled out in phases, so if you don’t see it on your page or profile – it should be coming soon.

As soon as you go live, your live video will show up in people’s newsfeeds. On the broadcast screen, you’ll see your video as everyone else sees it, along with the number of viewers you have. Your audience will see what your camera is capturing, and they can hear you talk. Your Facebook followers and friends can interact with you by commenting on your video in real time, but you cannot see or hear them.

After the broadcast is over, your video will remain on Facebook – on your own timeline or in the group where you started it, and anyone can watch it as a replay. And if you don’t like the result – you can always delete it.

Facebook LIVE for business

What is Facebook LIVE?

Why You Should Use Facebook LIVE To Grow Your Business

I am sure you’ve heard that video is the best way to get more visibility, educate your followers, clarify your offers, increase your conversion rates, and grow your business.

Facebook LIVE combines the best of both worlds – the power of video (especially the live video) AND the ability to show your video to your potential clients right in their Facebook Newsfeed among other posts they are already looking through.

There are plenty of other video broadcasting options available, like Blab, Meerkat or Periscope. But Facebook is, after all, the #1 social media platform. That means it’s the easiest way to reach your potential clients. They don’t have to go to your website or to your YouTube channel to view your video. It shows up right in front of them on the platform they are already using on a daily basis.

Facebook LIVE is a great way to create live video content and immediately deliver it to an engaged audience.

How to Start Your Facebook LIVE Broadcast

Facebook LIVE is very easy to use. All you need to do is to log in to a Facebook app on your mobile device. Then navigate to the place you want to broadcast from – like your personal profile or a Facebook group.

Then follow these steps:

  • Tap Use Facebook LIVE for your business at the top of your Timeline, News Feed or Page (where it says Update Status or Write Something)
  • Tap  Facebook LIVE broadcast for business (second icon from the left)
  • Write a description for your broadcast (it will become the title that people see)
  • Tap Go Live to begin your broadcast. Currently, your broadcast can go for as long as 90 minutes.
  • When you want to end your broadcast, tap Finish. You’ll have the option to save the video to your phone’s camera roll if you want to edit or share on other platforms.

Get started with Facebook LIVEHow to Start Facebook LIVE Broadcast

Tips for Using Facebook LIVE Effectively for Business

Here are some tips for creating a great Facebook LIVE experience:

  • When you are broadcasting – look at the camera on your phone, not at the screen.
  • Make sure your phone is at your eye level or higher.
  • It helps to have a desktop or laptop computer to read comments while you are recording on your mobile device.
  • Use a tripod or place your phone on a solid surface.
  • Engage with your viewers, ask them to participate and interact with you by asking/answering questions and posting in the comments.
  • Announce your LIVE broadcast ahead of time if you want a bigger audience.

Want to see some real examples of Facebook LIVE broadcasts? Check out LIVE videos in my Facebook group “Business Owners Who Think BIG” (go under Photos –> Videos). If you are not a member yet – you can request to join here.

Another cool way to see LIVE videos available right now is by checking this world map that shows broadcasts as they’re happening.

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