Facebook is a powerful platform to find and attract potential clients. Why do I believe it?

I got a chance to answer that question and lots more as a recent guest on Connecting People Changing Lives radio show, hosted by Nancy Ferrari and Caren Glasser. We had a blast, and covered a lot of important business-building ground, especially about using Facebook strategically and simply. Here’s the recording if you didn’t catch the show: How to Attract Clients on Facebook

I talk about my own Facebook story – how I went from teaching at the university to the best headshot photographer in Reno in 2 years, and from there to a sought after business strategist in less than six months. When I first started my business I tried all kinds of marketing approaches without much success until I began to see results and possibilities from using Facebook. I studied it, got really strategic, and created a system that changed everything for me. My business got so visible that people would contact me, saying they saw me everywhere, saw my work, and asking to work with me… Just like that. It was amazing – and I continue to get those results through my Facebook presence.

Should you have a Facebook page?”
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People started asking me how I got so successful in my new business so fast, so I shared what I’ve learned, and that’s led to what I do now, including my Facebook Traffic Explosion program that has over 150 graduates in just the last year.

Are you using Facebook effectively to grow your business?

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Find out HERE

I love to talk about Facebook because let’s face it, it’s a part of our lives, right? If you’re like most of us, you spend at least an hour a day on Facebook. To catch up with people you care about or are interested in, to get information, to get inspired by quotes, videos, and photos. Well, so do your potential clients! Business-building is about relationships and sharing value, so what better place to do that than on Facebook – and without spending a penny?

Business-building is about relationships and sharing value.”
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But to make it work you need a system for creating content, mixing up your messages, sharing yourself personally as well as professionally and regularly posting, so you get the conversions you want.

To make Facebook work you need a system for creating content, mixing up your messages and posting regularly.”
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In this interview I share insights on how to do this so you can get the same results that I have:

  • How to share your posts for maximum reach (while keeping the Facebook gods happy)
  • How to get conversions via Facebook spending 15 minutes daily (and without spending a dime on ads)
  • Fan page or not to fan page? (great answers to that age-old question)
  • Presenting yourself online so that people can’t help but want to know more about you (the 3-D approach)

I get into this juicy stuff around 14:46 into the interview, so if you want to jump in, advance the recording to that time.

But I invite you to start the interview in the beginning because we talk about another really important aspect of business building: working with a business coach. I share how working with a business coach has made ALL the difference for me in starting, and now growing my own business.

Here are some things we covered you might be interested in knowing:

  • The mindset around spending money on a business coach “There is always a way…”
  • What you should look for in a good coach and what you should be prepared for
  • How to choose the right coach for you

So click here for the recording: How to Attract Clients on Facebook

If you want to avoid “going down the rabbit hole” of Facebook (as Caren so aptly put it), and learn to do it the right way from someone who knows how, you’ll want to listen to this conversation. And please comment below to let me know what you learned and how you’re using it to boost your own business!

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