You Know Why You Should Create an Information Product, Now Find Out How to Make Money While You Build Your System

Last time we talked about leveraging your time and having the proper business strategies in place to have the maximum return on investment for your time.  Today, let’s discuss how to take it a step further and get paid to create your program.

Wasting time is not something that any of us want to do, but if we were all being truthful we have spent countless hours in our business creating plans, products or services that went nowhere – no income to show for your time and no ongoing revenue from your product.

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That’s Why You Need To Know How To Make Money While Creating Your Information Product

You have probably heard that if you build it – they will come.  But that doesn’t really work …

What you really want to do is come up with an idea first, launch it and make sure they come.

You don’t want to hope or wish they come.

You need to KNOW that you are creating a program that will sell BEFORE investing all of the time needed to build the entire system.

You need to KNOW that your program that will sell BEFORE investing time to build it.
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The idea is really very simple… Build a outline for your information product, launch it in a beta format with live participants and build the actual program as you are delivering it.  Then take the content that you’ve created and sell it as an information product.

Here are just some of the benefits you get from doing it that way:

1. Ensure the Desire for the Product

If you sell the program before you create it – you definitely know that there is interest in it.

You are not wasting time, money and effort creating a program that nobody wants… and you know that people are willing to pay money for your product.

2. Get Paid to Create Your Program

 Fill your program before you create it and you are set.

 In effect you are getting “an advance” to create your program. How cool is that?

If you sell your program before you create it – you are basically getting paid to create it!”(Click to Tweet!)

If you sell your program before you create it – you are basically getting paid to create it!

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3.Make Sure Your Program Addresses the Needs of Your Participants

When you fill your program before you create it, your program is developed with the help, input and feedback of your participants and you can adjust your approach as you go.

At the end, you can rest assured that your final product has everything that it needs to fully address the problem that it’s solving.

If you create a program with your participants, you will ensure that it fully addresses their needs.
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4. Get Great Testimonials and Success Stories

Your first live participants will become your success stories for future launches.

Their testimonials about your program and about the changes they have seen from applying your systems and solutions will help you sell your information product.

Are you ready to get started building your information products? Share your comments and feedback below…

Are you ready to get started building your information products?
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