Wondering how to keep your Facebook group members active and engaged? You are not alone.

A Facebook group full of active, engaged members can be a great tool for attracting new clients to your business.

However, if the conversation inside the group is not flowing, you will have a hard time building enough trust with your group members to turn them into paying clients.

Here are 5 simple ways to keep your Facebook group members as active and engaged as possible!

Why Your Facebook Group Lacks Engagement

Have you posted something in your Facebook group in the last two weeks?

If not, that’s probably the number one reason why your Facebook group lacks engagement.

While it is possible to create a group that basically runs itself, a brand new Facebook group will require more attention from you than an established one.

However, if you have been active and engaged inside your group without seeing results, something else might be to blame.

The 5 tips below highlight ways to avoid the most common mistakes business owners make when running a Facebook group for their business.

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Facebook Group Members Active & Engaged

1. Make your group about THEM, not you

Before creating a Facebook group, you should have a pretty good idea of how you are going to make money from it.

However, you shouldn’t create a group that’s centered around your offerings and then hope people will be interested.

Your group should not be about you or your business.

Instead, your group should be a community for people to connect with each other.

If your posts inside the group benefit these people, they will keep coming back for more.

When creating your group, think about your ideal clients’ interests and hobbies.

Let’s say you are a parenting coach.

Should you create a group that’s all about sharing parenting tips?

Chances are, your ideal clients don’t actually want to talk about parenting.

They more likely to want to share personal stories and brag about their kids’ milestones – and that’s perfectly fine!

You can still provide advice and establish yourself as an expert… While having an incredibly active group full of parents who are eager to share their kid’s newest accomplishment!

Here’s a real-life example: My own Facebook group, Business Owners Who Think Big, is for people who want to talk about their own offerings, new programs they’ve created, and their own growth goals.

Since the group is centered around what my ideal clients want to talk about, it basically runs itself.

It has 13,000 people in it… But I only spend 5-10 minutes per day managing it.

2. Give them reasons to continue coming back

To keep your group members active and engaged, you need to generate interest around your group on a regular basis.

Here’s what I do: every week, I have a weekly topic that I break down into smaller chunks based on the day of the week.

Each day of the week has a specific purpose.

For example, Mondays are for self-promotion. If you don’t hang out in the group on Monday, you will not be able to promote for the rest of the week.

On Wednesdays, I encourage people to share their latest blog post, and on Sundays, we have a dedicated thread for inspirational quotes and memes.

I turn off commenting for each thread once the day is over.

This encourages people to keep coming back every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday and keeps my group as active and engaged as it can be!

3. Ask questions and create polls

There’s nothing more engaging in life – or on Facebook – than asking relevant, interesting questions.

But what makes a good question to ask your group members?

Whether we like it or not, a lot of Facebook communication is about small talk.

If the question is too personal or takes too much thinking, people won’t answer.

Simple questions like “How many Facebook groups do you belong to?” work great.

They are easy to understand and answer, and everybody will have a unique answer – so they will feel more compelled to share even if the thread already has a lot of comments.

A simple poll with three options for people to vote on is a really fun way to boost engagement inside your group.

4. Provide value that is not available anywhere else

If you are posting the same thing on your Facebook page that you post inside your group, your engagement levels will drop.

To keep your group active and engaged, you need to provide value that is not available anywhere else.

For example, every Friday, I invite industry leaders for an open Q&A inside my group.

No one else could give my group members access to them – which is why my group members keep coming back for more!

Ask yourself: Is there something that people in your group get access to and benefit from?

It could be an exclusive freebie that does not require an email opt-in, a mini-training, or even doing regular Facebook Live events that don’t get posted anywhere else… The sky’s the limit!

5. Show up and interact consistently

If you are not showing up and interacting with your group members on a regular basis, your engagement levels will drop.

This is especially true if you have a small group of 100 people or so.

With a brand new group, you have to show up consistently, be a leader, and set expectations for everyone’s behavior.

As a group’s owner, you make the rules, so if you want more engagement, let the group members know!

As your group grows, you will be able to take a more hands-off approach.

The Best Tool to Increase Your FB Group Engagement

The best way to increase engagement? Running a 5-day online challenge inside your Facebook group.

Facebook challenges are free, and they can grow your engagement (and your Facebook group) very quickly.

Plus, if you know what you’re doing, creating a profitable online challenge can be very simple.

Every time I see engagement levels dropping inside my group, I run another challenge!

Last time I did one, I added 4,000 new members to my group and, with so much conversation going on, my engagement levels went through the roof.

Need Help?

Running an online challenge is one of the best ways to keep your Facebook group members active and engaged.

Want to make sure you nail every single aspect of your challenge? Download my FREE Profitable Online Challenge checklist:



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